GLEP: Dissolve Detroit Public School District to Protect Kids, Empower Parents

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Detroit School Children Deserve Better as More Than 60 District Schools Close Due to Illegal “Sickouts”
LANSING, MI – The Great Lakes Education Project today called for the dissolution of the Detroit Public School District, as an illegal work stoppage shuttered half the District.  With over 60 school closings today in Detroit due to teacher “sickouts,” nearly half of Detroit Public School students have been forced out of the classroom, losing another day of learning.

“This terrible behavior by adults is harming the school children of Detroit,” said GLEP Chairman Jim Barrett.  “Detroit Public Schools administrators must call these sickouts what they are – illegal strikes.
“Detroit Public School students are losing valuable learning opportunities because adults are trying to make a political statement. It is little wonder, given the actions of the local teachers union, that more than 50 percent of students living in Detroit choose to leave the District to attend charter public schools or other traditional public schools outside of Detroit.  The time has come to dissolve the District to empower the other half of Detroit families with the same options.”
Teacher strikes are illegal under Michigan law, but enforcement of the law is left to the local school district.  In light of union officials’ willingness to hurt students to make political statements, parents will undoubtedly continue to look for opportunities to exercise school choice.
GLEP encourages public policy makers and parents to take the steps necessary to dissolve this dysfunctional school district, and empower families to be free to exercise school choice through public and private options. 
GLEP advocates for quality school choices for all Michigan K-12 students and has been an active participant in advocating for additional school choice options in Detroit.