A Unique Opportunity to Tell Governor Whitmer – My Student Deserves an Education

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Every child deserves an education that works for him or her. Every family deserves access to options that will work for them. But, that won’t happen unless Governor Gretchen Whitmer hears from families like us.

Confronted with the science and the data that indicate students are safer in the classroom than outside it, at least 100 different school districts in Michigan representing tens of thousands of students, still refused to offer parents the option of safe in-person learning to start the school year. Some are not going to offer it until winter or next year.

Michigan kids deserve better. Now’s your chance to speak out and fight back.

The Great Lakes Education Project this week is proud to launch a new website – MISafeSchoolOptions.org – built to give families the opportunity to have their voices heard.

On the website, you’ll find the science and data, and you’ll find the opportunity to send a personal letter to Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s office, asking her to stand up for your student and to remove barriers many are using to avoid re-opening classrooms.

Your voice matters. The Governor needs to hear from you today.

Beth DeShone
Executive Director, Great Lakes Education Project


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School building closures are having a devastating, underreported impact on Michigan’s kids. Tragically, school doors remain locked to too many students across the state. With schools closed, according to medical experts at the CDC, students are experiencing and or at risk of:

• Academic gaps
• Isolation
• Social challenges
• Emotional trauma
• Depression
• Lower levels of self-esteem and more

Your child’s education matters. Your child’s social and emotional health matter. Your child’s future matters.

We’ve heard from families across Michigan like you who are angry, they’re frustrated, and they are at their wits end without an option for in-person learning.

We launched MISafeSchoolOptions.org so the Governor can hear from you, too.

The science and the data say in-person learning – done safely – is the best approach for Michigan students. Families should have this option.

Now’s the time for the Governor to hear from families like us.


Your student deserves better.

Now you have the opportunity to make your case directly to Governor Whitmer.

Please click MISafeSchoolOptions.org right now and make your voice heard!