Countdown to Election Day and the Fight for Kids’ Futures

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Every school day matters for Michigan students, and one upcoming Tuesday in particular has a little extra significance. The summer is over and Election Day is now squarely in our sights.

GLEP is working each and every day to support more than 50 incredible candidates for the state House, in some of the state’s most hotly contested districts, to ensure students have women and men in the legislature willing to put them first.

Will you stand with us? Your contribution of $20, $50 or $100 could make all the difference this fall in a key battleground district.

What happens in November will determine what happens in the legislature for the next 2 years. We need your help.

We’re working the phones, sending the mail, knocking on the doors, and doing everything we can with the few precious days we have left to deliver for Michigan kids. We’re determined not to leave anything in the tank, and no stone unturned.

We can’t do it without you. Please click here to help today!

Beth DeShone
Executive Director, Great Lakes Education Project Palladium: Southwest Michigan state House candidates raise about $86,000 post-primary

The Great Lakes Education Project is proud to stand with candidates who stand with Michigan’s kids!

Michigan’s Big Show: Beth DeShone talks Schools Statewide with Michael Patrick Shiels
“Every family needs to do what’s right for their students. There isn’t one person able to make that decision better than the individual parents of those students.”

Over the last few weeks, we’ve learned a lot about what local schools and districts are offering students this fall, and parents aren’t impressed.

We learned that at least 100 different districts – most representing numerous individual schools – have refused this September to open their doors. Tens of thousands of parents are left without the option to send their children safely back to the classroom for in-person learning, and Lansing refuses to empower them to take their education dollars elsewhere.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer, local school bureaucrats, and the Department of Education don’t care what parents have to say, and they’re not willing to put local students first.

The state legislature is fighting to ensure parents and students have a say in Lansing, but the education bureaucracy is fighting tooth and nail to take control of the House this fall.

Will you help us fight back?
Your contribution of $20, $50 or $100 could make all the difference this fall.
Please take a moment, click here, and help us defend parents and students today!