Forcing the Governor’s Hand on Critical Education Reform

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Students in Michigan need advocates now more than ever. All they’re getting from Governor Whitmer and local teachers unions are obstacles.

The Governor, some local districts, and the state’s education bureaucrats refuse to do better, but we’re standing in that gap.

GLEP was proud to support state lawmakers earlier this year as they fought to bring student-centered reforms to the forefront of the discussion in the original “Return to Learn” package of legislation. Earlier this month that was negotiated with the Governor and provides some important back-to-school steps for schools. As a result, parents and teachers will be equipped with key benchmarking data so they can meet kids where they are after 6 months out of the classroom, and more.

It’s the kind of reform that only happens when parents and Michiganders who truly want the best for students stand up and refuse to back down.

Beth DeShone
Executive Director, Great Lakes Education Project

“The Great Lakes Education Project backs men and women who back Michigan’s kids. These candidates earned GLEP’s support because they are willing to put the needs of Michigan students first, they’re willing to stand alongside parents, and they’re ready to go toe-to-toe with Lansing’s dysfunctional education bureaucracy.”

“The legislature made efforts to provide flexibility and certainty to school districts. The idea we wouldn’t ensure in person learning was a solid option for every student that needs it was a missed opportunity.” the needs of Michigan’s students in the midst of a global pandemic means understanding what those needs are, and what gaps have been created by Governor Whitmer’s decision to lock students out of the classroom.

The legislature’s willingness to fight for students and earlier this month to equip parents and teachers with the information they need this fall will mean a more successful coming school year and a brighter future for kids across the state.

Benchmark testing was a critical component of a back-to-school compromise reached with the Governor. The legislature is encouraging districts to get back to work and back to basics. We were proud to help support these important next-steps for schools.

The package was not perfect, though. It changed the funding formula for the year, effectively penalizing schools that found innovative ways to teach kids this fall and attracted higher student enrollment.

GLEP continues working with lawmakers on a fix that allows these schools to fully meet the needs of their students without slashing staff or services. We hope you’ll join us in that fight and encourage you to contact your own state Representative and Senator asking that every student receive fair funding this school year.

Don’t know who your lawmaker is? It’s easy to find your state Representative and Senator and to make a critical phone call. Just click here to contact your state Representative, or here to contact your state Senator.