School Choice Advocates Win Majority in Michigan House!

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We have great news to report on critical down-ballot races across the state.

We owe you a big “thank you.”


Advocates for students and families turned up and voted for school choice and parental options from one corner of Michigan to the next. When all the votes were counted, pro-student reformers carried the day and maintained a majority in the state House of Representatives.

That’s huge news, and it’s hugely important for the future of Michigan’s students.

Beth DeShone
Executive Director, Great Lakes Education Project

Mt. Pleasant Morning Sun: DeShone: Consider candidates who want kids back in school
“Make no mistake, this Election Day is a huge one for Michigan students, but while everyone’s attention is understandably focused on the presidential contest, it’s local races for state House that might play the biggest role in your local school district for years to come.”

Michigan’s Big Show: Beth DeShone talks options for parents that empower families
“Remote-only learning is not working for many families. They need the option (for in person learning). Teachers are also getting frustrated.” endorsed just over 50 candidates for state House this cycle – including many in hotly contested battleground seats – and almost all of them appear to have carried the day on Tuesday.

We’ll save you the scrolling on this email, but if you’re interested, you can check out a list of GLEP-backed winners here.

The Great Lakes Education Project backs men and women who back Michigan’s kids. These incumbents and Representatives-elect earned GLEP’s support because they are willing to put the needs of Michigan students first, they’re willing to stand alongside parents, and they’re ready to go toe-to-toe with Lansing’s dysfunctional educational bureaucracy.

Because they carried the day, they’ll maintain a majority in the House that will serve as a critical check and balance on an administration and on an education bureaucracy all-too-willing to abandon our children to advance adults’ interests.

The election is behind us, but your opportunity to speak up didn’t end last Tuesday.

We launched to give every parent in the state a voice and an easy way to stand up for their own children.

We hope you’ll click through right now and send Governor Whitmer a letter, asking her to put students first, and do more to safely open Michigan’s schools.