GLEP: Don’t Wait Until March – Get Kids Back in the Classroom NOW

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GLEP: Don’t Wait Until March – Get Kids Back in the Classroom NOW

LANSING – The Great Lakes Education Project Executive Director Beth DeShone provided the following comment today, after Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced her desire to reopen classrooms for in-person learning beginning in March:

“Governor Whitmer’s decision to lock students out of their classrooms has had a devastating impact on Michigan children, particularly those from low-income families.  It will take years for students to overcome learning losses created by Whitmer’s unscientific lockdowns, instituted in conflict with the evidence and against the advice of physicians and the CDC.   

“The first critical step to meeting the needs of these students is to get them back in the classroom, and the time to unlock school doors is now, not March. Governor Whitmer’s decision to simply ask schools to re-open, and only after 7 more weeks pass, only makes Michigan’s education crisis worse.  Meanwhile, teachers can only hope they’ll actually be able to receive their vaccinations, amidst the state’s disastrous rollout of the COVID-19 immunization. 

“Every day between now and March 1 with padlocked school doors is a day Governor Whitmer forces students to fall further behind.”