This Week & Next (Feb 26, 2016)

Posted by:cpickford Posted On:26 Feb 2016

House Appropriations Committee begins hearings on DPS reform bills The full House Appropriations Committee kicked off hearings Wednesday on a package of 6 bills to address education reform in Detroit, called the “Putting Students First” proposal.  Bills in the package

This Week & Next (Feb 19, 2016)

Posted by:cpickford Posted On:18 Feb 2016

House & Senate start FY ’17 School Aid Budget Hearings On Tuesday and Wednesday this week, the House and Senate School Aid Subcommittees heard presentations for the Department of Management and Budget about Governor Snyder’s proposed $14 billion School Aid

GLEP on House DPS reform bills

Posted by:cpickford Posted On:17 Feb 2016

“There is one fact upon which everyone agrees. The Detroit Public Schools has failed Detroit’s kids and Michigan’s taxpayers. Simply renaming the district won’t create better results. To that end, GLEP is very interested in today’s introduction of a six-bill package

This Week & Next (Feb 12, 2016)

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Governor Recommends $60-120 per pupil increase in FY ’17 Budget On Wednesday, Governor Snyder and John Roberts, State Budget Director, outlined their proposed $55 billion budget for the state in FY 2016-17, including $14 billion for School Aid. A highlight of

This Week & Next (Feb 5, 2016)

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First Hearing on DPS bills focuses on finances The first hearing on SB 710 & 711 (Hansen), the DPS reform bills, was held yesterday in the Government Operations Committee. Providing testimony during the 2+ hour hearing was Sen. Hansen; John

This Week & Next (Jan 29, 2016)

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No hearings, but plenty of DPS talk Hearings on SB 710 & 711 (Hansen), the DPS reform bills in the Government Operations Committee have yet to be scheduled, but we understand negotiations continue behind-the-scenes to determine both the level of

DPS Battle Could Turn On Opening, Closing Schools

Posted by:cpickford Posted On:22 Jan 2016

Christopher Klaver, Gongwer, January, 20 2016 — While headlines for years have been on Detroit Public Schools’ debt and academic performance, the real battleground over a reform plan might be the ease with which one can add and remove school desks in

This Week & Next (Jan 22, 2016)

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DPS Reform Bills (Finally) Introduced Last week, Sen. Goeff Hanson (R-Hart), Chair of the School Aid Appropriations Subcommittee, introduced SB 710 and SB 711, bills to address financial issues at the Detroit Public Schools. The key features of the bill

IPPSR Panel Illuminates Detroit School Reform Issues

Posted by:cpickford Posted On:20 Jan 2016

MIRS Newsletter (January 20, 2016) — With talk that the Detroit Public Schools (DPS) will run out of funds as early as April, today’s Institute for Public Policy and Social Research (IPPSR) panel discussion on Detroit Public Schools: Quality, Accountability, and Governance resulted

Reform, accountability are solution for failing school districts

Posted by:cpickford Posted On:14 Jan 2016

Pass early literacy legislation, letter grading system for schools; develop a dissolution plan for Detroit Public School District LANSING, MI – The Great Lakes Education Project today called for the legislature to pass legislation dealing with K-3 reading proficiency and