GLEP Files Complaints Against Courser & Hunsanger Campaigns

Lapeer County Voters Shouldn’t Support Candidates Who Break The Law

Lansing, MI (July 31, 2014)–Today, the Great Lakes Education Project (GLEP) filed three official complaints with the Michigan Department of State and local law enforcement alleging the Todd Courser and Jacob Hunsanger campaigns for State Representative have violated state law.

In complaints filed with the Michigan State Police and the Lapeer County Prosecutor’s Office, GLEP alleges the Courser and Hunsanger campaigns have created fCourseralse designations of incumbency in their campaign signs by not including the words “Elect” or “For” State Representative, a clear violation of the Michigan Election Code (MCL 168.944).

In a second complaint filed with the Michigan Department of State, GLEP alleges the Citizens to Elect Hunsanger Yard SignTodd Courser has violated section 33(10) of the Campaign Finance Act or Todd A. Courser, PLLC has violated section 54 of the Campaign Finance Act due depending on who actually owns the website domain started in 2000 and currently being used by the campaign (

“We believe Lapeer County voters should know that while Mr. Courser and Mr. Hunsanger would like to make state laws they appear to have difficulty adhering to the law,” said Gary Naeyaert, Executive Director of GLEP.

Those found guilty of these misdemeanors are punishable by a fine and/or imprisonment of up to 90 days.

“We expect law enforcement and the Secretary of State’s Election Division to conduct investigations into these complaints and we’re confident they will come to the same conclusion, which is that Todd Courser and Jacob Hunsanger’s campaign committees have violated the law,” Naeyaert concluded.

Click here to download the Courser complaint with the County Prosecutor; here for the Hunsanger complaint with the County Prosecutor; and here for the Courser complaint with the Secretary of State.


Click here to download this release in pdf format.