M-STEP Results A Shocking Assessment of Education

Stagnant results highlight up-hill challenge facing our school systems, proves need for K-3 Reading, A-F Accountability and intervention in failing schools

Lansing, MI: The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) today released results from the spring 2016 M-STEP and SAT assessments given to all Michigan students earlier this year.

“Having only one grade and subject where at least 50% of our students are considered proficient is a shocking assessment of the state of education in Michigan,” said Gary Naeyaert, Executive Director of the Great Lakes Education Project (GLEP).  “In order for Michigan to continue our economic comeback, we simply must do a better job of educating our youth,” Naeyaert continued.

Overall, only 47.3% of students in grades 3-8 were considered proficient in the English Language Arts (ELA) portion of the 2016 M-STEP, a decrease from 47.8% proficient in 2015. In math, 37.2% were proficient this year, which is a slight increase over last year’s 36.9% proficient. The high water mark for any grade or subject was in 5th Grade ELA, schoolwhere 50.6% of students were considered proficient. In no other grade or subject were more than 50% of students considered proficient. Only 23.8% of students tested were proficient in science while 30.3% were proficient in social studies.

“If we are to improve these results, the legislature must pass and implement HB 4822, the K-3 Reading bill, so that students receive the guidance and support needed to improve early literacy,” Naeyaert said. “Also, a new accountability system, which focuses on academic achievement and individual student growth, will provide parents with meaningful information about school quality,” he continued. “And for the sake of our children we need to get serious about intervening in chronically-failing schools, requiring them to improve more quickly or be closed,” he concluded.

According to the results of the SAT test for all high school juniors, the average scores were 507 for Reading and Writing, and 494 for math, for a total of 1,001 out of 1,600.  Based on these scores, 60% of our juniors are considered college or career ready in Reading and Writing, and 40% are college or career ready in Math.

Results from the 2016 M-STEP can be found at www.Michigan.gov/M-STEP.


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