Press Releases

03/07/17    Jim Barrett Statement on Gary Naeyaert Resignation
01/23/17    GLEP Calls for Closure of 38 Chronically-Failing Schools
11/09/16    49 of 53 GLEP-Endorsed Candidates Win in General Election
09/28/16    GLEP on AG Opinion re: Closing Failing Schools
09/20/16    GLEP Supports Final Action on Early Literacy Bill
09/12/16    GLEP Endorses 12 Additional Candidates for House of Representatives
08/30/16    M-STEP Results a Shocking Assessment of public education
08/15/16    Battle Looming on School Accountability
08/03/16    41 of 44 GLEP-Endorsed Candidates Win Primary Elections
07/06/16    Response: The NYT’s Bizarre Takeout of Detroit Charter Schools
06/27/16    GLEP Endorses 19 Candidates for House of Representatives
06/21/16    GLEP Endorses 25 Incumbents for Re-Election to House of Reps
06/08/16    GLEP Statement on Passage of DPS bills in State Senate
06/02/16    GLEP Statement on Passage of DPS bills in State House
06/01/16    Coalition Letter Opposing the Detroit Education Commission
05/13/16    Judge Rhodes confirms DEC will suppress charters
02/22/16    Betsy DeVos: Families Don’t Need DPS Re-tread
01/11/16    Dissolve DPS Over Illegal Teacher Strikes
09/04/15    GLEP and Sen. Knezek Provide Backbacks to DAA students
07/22/15    GLEP Statement on Rep. Price’s Introduction of K-3 Reading Bill
06/19/15    GLEP Welcomes Jase Bolger to Board of Directors
06/03/15    GLEP Statement on Release of K-3 Reading Workgroup Report
04/06/15    GLEP Proposes “Education Innovation Zone” for Detroit
11/05/14    GLEP-Endorsed Candidates Win Big in Legislative Races
10/20/14    New Report Slams Detroit Free Press on Charters                                  09/22/14     GLEP Endorses 17 New Candidates in General Election
09/18/14    GLEP Statement regarding Charter Moratorium Bill
09/03/14    GLEP Slams Schauer Campaign Ad
08/06/14    GLEP-Endorsed Candidates Big Winners on Election Day
07/31/14    GLEP Files Complaints Against Courser and Hunsanger Campaigns
07/25/14    GLEP Endorses 56 Candidates in Legislative Races
07/14/14    GLEP Files Complaint for Courser Campaign Finance Violation
07/01/14     New Website Confirms Increased K-12 Funding Since 2012
06/26/14     17 Candidates Confirmed for Education Town Hall in Detroit
06/10/14     GLEP Praises Equity Boost in FY ’15 School Aid Budget
06/05/14     GLEP Endorses 20 Candidates in Legislative Races
05/07/14     GLEP Endorses 24 Candidates in Legislative Races    
04/21/14     GLEP Endorses 9 Candidates in Key Legislative Races            
03/26/14     Early Literacy Bills Earn Strong State Support
03/11/14     Michigan Voters Strongly Support Fair Funding for Kids
02/25/14     Bailey and Prine Join GLEP Staff
12/02/13     Viewpoint: Make Early Literacy a Priority in Michigan
09/15/13     Viewpoint: Rigorous Standards, High Expectations & Accountability
08/22/13     GLEP Urges Closure of Chronically Failing Schools
07/31/13     Viewpoint: Common Core Standards Creates Best Opportunity for Students
07/15/13     Viewpoint: Is There a Financial Crisis in Public Education?
06/24/13     Naeyaert and Danielson Join DeShone at GLEP                                                       
01/14/13     CREDO study shines light on success of Michigan charter schools