This Week & Next (Dec 5, 2014)

Despite animated protests and a request from President Susan Martin to withdraw from the interlocal agreement that created the Education Achievement Authority (EAA), the Eastern Michigan Board of Regents voted this afternoon to continue to participate in the EAA but has requested additional accountability and transparency.

Education Issues in Lame Duck
The #1 issue in the Legislature during this December’s lame duck session is definitely transportation funding, as Governor Snyder has been pushing for three years to increase road repair funding by at least $1.0 billion per year. Notwithstanding the possibility that a final agreement on road funding could impact education funding (despite “hold harmless” language in the House bill), there are a number of other key education issues that may still get some in the final weeks of session.  These issues include 3rd Grade Reading, A-F Letter Grading and Teacher Evaluation. Click here for an excellent editorial from The Detroit News on these issues and here for a video from Students First on A-F Letter Grading.  Please contact your legislators and urge them to pass these needed reforms!

Dueling Charter Reports Released
It was a week of conflicting national reports when it comes to charter schools in Michigan, which provides further evidence of the national debate over parental choice in public education. First, the National Alliance for Charter Public Schools released a report confirming that Detroit, Flint and Grand Rapids rank in the top ten U.S. cities in terms of charter school enrollment, which was prominently featured in The Detroit News. Also this week, a report was released that ranked state laws (not performance, of course) related to charter school authorizing, and naturally the Detroit Free Press was quick to condemn Michigan’s charter sector (what’s new?).

Another Myth Shattered: She Wants to Teach in a Charter School
We often hear that teachers only work in charter schools until they can get a job in a traditional school system. Well, Erin Fergus was tired of defending her choice to teach in a charter public school so she agreed to tell her story in this brief video. It’s worth 90 seconds of your time.

School Choice is Bad, Except When it’s Good
We’re sure you’ve noticed that many folks rail against parental choice whenever someone chooses to leave a traditional public school and attend a charter public school, citing the negative financial consequences to the traditional district. But traditional districts that openly recruit students from other traditional districts is commonly viewed as a good strategy to improve district finances, such as the recent decision by Ann Arbor Public Schools to accept up to 750 students via choice. We suspect that a few new charter schools opening in Ann Arbor wouldn’t be viewed as favorably. Isn’t perspective a wonderful thing?

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