GLEP Highlights Back-to-School Reforms Students, Teachers Deserve this Fall

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GLEP Highlights Back-to-School Reforms Students, Teachers Deserve this Fall

New School Year Rapidly Approaching, with No Direction Yet from Governor, Advisory Committee, COVID-19 School Task Force

LANSING – As students, parents and teachers continue waiting for direction from Governor Gretchen Whitmer on the rules and reforms she’ll demand before opening school buildings in the upcoming school year, Great Lakes Education Project Executive Director Beth DeShone today highlighted a series of key reforms policymakers should consider as they craft their back-to-school plans.

“With kids’ futures on the line, it’s time to stop stalling and start delivering real solutions,” said DeShone. “Delivering for Michigan students in ways that matter this fall will take real leadership and smarter solutions today. Our kids deserve nothing less.”

GLEP is encouraging the Governor’s Advisory Council and policymakers to embrace reforms that put students first this fall, including:

  • Shifting state education models away from seat time requirements to mastery-based learning.  Mastery-based education empowers students by ensuring they comprehend the subject matter before moving forward, creating a solid foundation for future learning and allowing individual students to excel at their own pace.
  • Empowering school leaders with broad calendar flexibility to begin instruction as quickly and safely as possible without being delayed having to ask for permission from state bureaucracies
  • Ensuring that every student takes a benchmark assessment when in-person learning begins so all teachers understand what extra help some students might be need.
  • Embracing effective distance learning and celebrating schools and districts that use it well by learning from their success.
  • Eliminating any additional burdens on students or teachers that would prohibit engaged remote learning, if they are receiving remote instruction due to COVID-19 health and safety concerns while their classmates receive instruction inside the school building.  These changes should still allow schools to receive their full per-pupil funding, even when students are away due to health concerns.