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March is Reading Month. Does Gretchen Whitmer Even Care?

Posted by:cpickford Posted On:8 Mar 2022

March is Reading Month, but does the governor even care? More importantly – is she ever going to do anything about it? Michigan’s young readers are in crisis, and too many politicians – particularly those with the veto pens –

Whitmer’s Cut to Reading Scholarships Comes Back to Hurt Kids

Posted by:cpickford Posted On:22 Feb 2022

A devastating new study underscores the importance of reading support for Michigan students – and the damage that’s been done over the last 2 years by a governor and a bureaucracy more interested in COVID theater than helping Michigan’s kids.


Parents Tell Lansing: Let MI Kids Learn

Posted by:cpickford Posted On:7 Feb 2022

What a week. Over just the last few days, parents, teachers and students have come together in huge numbers to celebrate National School Choice Week, to demand open classrooms and learning opportunities, and to kick-off a petition campaign that will

Whitmer Picks Campaign Donors over Parents, Kids (Again)

Posted by:cpickford Posted On:24 Jan 2022

The Michigan Democratic Party might not get it, but no one knows what a child needs most like his or her parents.  That’s why it was so astonishing just days ago when Democrats went online with a formal statement telling

Gretchen Whitmer’s War Against Kids

Posted by:cpickford Posted On:10 Jan 2022

Nearly 100,000 school kids across Michigan were met with locked classrooms and empty buildings this week while their peers headed back to school after the holiday break. In too many districts, local bureaucrats have simply thrown up their hands and

Happy Holidays from GLEP

Posted by:cpickford Posted On:20 Dec 2021

Talk about a lump of coal in parents’ stockings. Some of the state’s biggest public-school bureaucrats are starting a drumbeat about their frustration with student performance being used as a part of annual teacher evaluations. Michigan’s public schools exist to

You’re Invited – National School Choice Week is Coming

Posted by:cpickford Posted On:7 Dec 2021

National School Choice Week is right around the corner, and you’re invited. On Thursday, January 27, 2022, the Great Lakes Education Project and partner organizations from across the state will host Michigan’s annual celebration of parental control and student success.

Parents are Leading the Charge

Posted by:cpickford Posted On:22 Nov 2021

Every student from every background, in every community deserves the tools and the resources they need for a successful education. Governor Gretchen Whitmer, though, disagrees. She’s vetoed a set of bills that would have empowered Michigan’s kids with up to

Standing Up for Our Kids

Posted by:cpickford Posted On:8 Nov 2021

Parents know best what their kids need. Parents know best how they learn. Parents don’t just deserve a say in their children’s education – they deserve the say. Unfortunately, Governor Whitmer once again failed Michigan students and families with her

Let Kids Learn Bills Moving in Lansing!

Posted by:cpickford Posted On:25 Oct 2021

All children deserve an exceptional education. We think it’s time for Lansing to trust parents, not bureaucrats, to make the best decisions for their kids. The pandemic took a heavy toll on Michigan students. Now’s the time to support our