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End Religious Bigotry in Michigan

Posted by:cpickford Posted On:4 Oct 2021

Just days ago, parents across the state of Michigan filed a lawsuit in federal court to overturn Michigan’s “Blaine Amendment” that discriminates against families based on their religious faith. The Michigan rule prevents parents from accessing Michigan 529 accounts to

Standing up to Bureaucracy and Putting Our Kids First

Posted by:cpickford Posted On:21 Sep 2021

Kids falling desperately behind. Students locked out of their classrooms. Unelected and unaccountable health departments issuing unscientific orders to override the will of local parents and school boards. Districts fighting to keep parents in the dark about their kids’ curriculum

Failed Bureaucracy: Disastrous M-Step Scores Show Kids Left in the Cold

Posted by:cpickford Posted On:9 Sep 2021

The Michigan Department of Education last week released the statewide results of last school year’s student assessments and they were disastrous. They identified disastrous lost learning and bureaucratic failures in schools across the state. The Department and public school bureaucracy

Is Governor Whitmer Preparing New Unscientific School Mandates?

Posted by:cpickford Posted On:24 Aug 2021

Are new statewide school mandates coming? Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s administration isn’t ruling them out, and in at least one high profile case, her top health officials are pressuring the Governor to arbitrarily tell every Michigan student how he or she

Whitmer Pushes Masking for Kindergarteners – Again

Posted by:cpickford Posted On:10 Aug 2021

The debate about masking school children, even kindergarteners, is heating up again. No, the science hasn’t changed. Young children remain the least susceptible to contracting COVID-19 and to spreading it, and the few who do get it tend to suffer

House Democrats Slash $155 Million from School Children

Posted by:cpickford Posted On:27 Jul 2021

Democrats in the Michigan House of Representatives this week sunk to a new and surprising low. They voted en masse to slash education funding from students in kindergarten and elementary school who are struggling to read after a year of

Whitmer to Kids: ‘Masks are Back’

Posted by:cpickford Posted On:12 Jul 2021

Students are on summer vacation, but Governor Gretchen Whitmer and bureaucrats are already figuring out ways to make heading back to school this fall more difficult. The Governor and her health department recently published new, formal recommendations that school districts

Helping Struggling Readers, and Fully Funding Every Student

Posted by:cpickford Posted On:29 Jun 2021

Michigan’s 3rd Grade Reading law was written, approved by the legislature, and signed by the previous Governor because evidence and experience shows it’s an approach with remarkable benefits for kids – benefits that can improve the entire trajectory of their

A Special Election on the Horizon, and our Kids’ Rights on the Line

Posted by:cpickford Posted On:15 Jun 2021

Every day in Lansing, the Great Lakes Education Project interacts and works with plenty of men and women who talk a good game, and fewer who really walk the walk. Pam Hornberger is that kind of fighter. Pam’s spent the

Michigan School Bureaucrats Ignore Federal Guidance, Try to Hide Learning Loss

Posted by:cpickford Posted On:17 May 2021

A few local public-school bureaucracies in Michigan don’t want you to know how badly they may have failed your kids. At the same time, they’re forcing parents to jump through hoops to get their kids evaluated. President Joe Biden’s administration