Standing Up for Our Kids

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Parents know best what their kids need. Parents know best how they learn. Parents don’t just deserve a say in their children’s education – they deserve the say.

Unfortunately, Governor Whitmer once again failed Michigan students and families with her latest veto of the Michigan Student Opportunity Accounts that would let Michigan kids learn.

Every child deserves a fair shot to succeed, no matter their background, their family’s income, or their learning challenges. The legislation would have created Michigan Student Opportunity Accounts that allow students to access the school, services, and tools they need to meet their individual learning needs.

Parents would be able to use Student Opportunity Accounts to provide their kids new learning opportunities, including:

    • Online classes
    • Wi-Fi and laptops
    • Tutoring and tuition
    • Transportation
    • Skilled training and CTE expenses
    • Textbooks and curriculum materials
    • Summer school and after school programs
    • Occupational, behavioral, and speech therapies that help their children succeed in school
    • Mental health services, and more


But Governor Whitmer sided with the special interests and the failed education bureaucrats.

Our kids’ education – their future – is on the line. Parents have a voice. Governor Whitmer should have listened.

Beth DeShone
Executive Director, Great Lakes Education Project

Parents would have important new options and opportunities to support their kids and improve their education, under legislation approved by the state House and Senate.

These are exciting times for parents.

They’re speaking out and they’re speaking up, and they’re going to the mat for their kids. From local school board meetings to House and Senate committee rooms, they’re telling their stories and fighting for answers, accountability and options from the failed bureaucracy.

Last week in Virginia, moms and dads led the charge at the polls and defeated an anti-parent gubernatorial candidate – Terry McAuliffe – who’d told them they didn’t deserve a say in their kids’ education.

Here in Michigan, Governor Whitmer just made that same disastrous mistake. She’s vetoed reading scholarships because they gave parents educational options, and she’s vetoed bills to “Let Kids Learn,” too.

Students deserve better. Parents are demanding it. State lawmakers delivered, approving bills to create student opportunity accounts that expand options and provide more learning tools for kids.

Sadly, Gretchen Whitmer didn’t learn from Terry McAuliffe’s mistake. find out more about ways you can support the more than 1 million Michigan students that are eligible for Student Opportunity Accounts, visit