GLEP On K-3 Reading Bill

Rep. Price.3GR“As one of the earliest proponents of improving early literacy, GLEP is pleased with the submission by Rep. Amanda Price (R-Park Township), Chair of the House Education Committee, of HB 4822, a bill to create a K-3 reading program in Michigan. Price’s bill outlines a comprehensive and balanced approach to improving early reading proficiency and recommends an appropriate combination of screening, tutoring, mentoring and intervention in order to get the right help to the right students at the right time,” said Gary Naeyaert, Executive Director of the Great Lakes Education Project (GLEP).

“We believe passing this bill will put an effective K-3 Reading Program in place for all students in the state. With continued leadership from Governor Snyder, bi-partisan legislative support and $100 million in new resources to address at-risk students and early literacy in the FY ’16 School Aid Budget, we can start to make a real difference for thousands of students,” Naeyaert continued.

GLEP noted the bill was co-sponsored by a bi-partisan majority of House Education Committee members and follows the final recommendations of the K-3 Reading Legislative Workgroup convened by Governor Snyder and chaired by John Kennedy earlier in the year. The bill will be formally introduced on August 18, 2015, the next scheduled House session day.


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