GLEP on Supreme Court decision to maintain private school funding

“This morning, the Michigan Supreme Court announced it was not going to issue an advisory opinion on the constitutionality of the $2.5 million in the 2017 School Aid Budget that reimburses private schools for the cost of compliance with state health and safety mandates. GLEP was among the many organizations that submitted amicus briefs supporting the argument that this funding doesn’t violate the constitution. By not issuing an advisory opinion, the court is saying this isn’t enough of a constitutional issue to earn their attention. The budget bill went into effect on October 1, and the private school funding will remain in effect unless overturned by a court. GLEP believes this decision is just another example of why the archaic ‘Blaine amendment’ language should be removed from the state constitution,” said Gary Naeyaert, executive director of the Great Lakes Education Project (GLEP).

Click here to download the Supreme Court order.
Click here to download GLEP’s amicus brief.