This Week & Next (Sept 19, 2014)

Bill Introduced to Halt All Charter Schools
Yesterday, Rep. Sarah Roberts (D-St. Clair Shores) announced the introduction of HB 5852, a bill to put a moratorium on any new charter public schools in Michigan. The bill is co-sponsored by nearly every member of the House Democratic Caucus, would Choice Under Attackrequire many new provisions for charter oversight, transparency and performance be enacted into law before any new charter schools could be authorized. Given that there are only 18 remaining session days in the year, this bill has more to do with political theater than public policy. Also, the assertion that charter public schools have different transparency requirements has consistently been discredited by the MDE.

The Facts on Education Funding
In case you were still looking for additional data to support tSchool Fundinghe fact that K-12 education funding has actually gone up under Governor Snyder and the Republican legislature, you can click here to access a short video and additional data.

Bridge Magazine calls FOUL on Mark Schauer’s education ad
The Truth Squad at the Center for Michigan, a left-of-center publication, has called out the Mark Schauer for Governor campaign by calling a “Foul” for their misleading ad attacking Governor Snyder and the Republicans on the issue of K-12 eduTruth Squadcation funding. The claims that Governor Snyder “cut $1 billion” from K-12 education has been discredited numerous times, but it’s not like Mark Schauer’s campaign to let facts get in the way of campaign talking points. Click here for the story.

Updates from the Legislature
On Wednesday the House Education Committee passed HB 5793 (Lyons), a bill to clarify the foreign language requirement in the Michigan Merit Curriculum and HB 5669 (VerHuelen), to allow non-public school teachers to receive credit for taking professional development classes.  The joint Senate Committee hearing on MPSERS reform was cancelled.

UPDATE: Still No Superintendents Have Signed the “School Accountability Pledge”
MAPSA’s “School Accountability Pledge” is still available for signing by any traditional public school superintendent willing to operate under same accountability, transparency and oversight laws as Michigan’s charter public schools. We keep waiting for just one superintendent to sign it, and when they do we’ll let you know right away!

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Next Week

Monday, September 22

      • GLEP to announce General Election endorsements in Senate and House races

Tuesday, September 23

      • Flanagan meeting with charter school authorizers on suspension process
      • Phil Pavlov (R-St. Clair) Fundraising event in Lansing

Wednesday, September 24

      • Capitol Issue Forum at SBAM, speaker is Jeff Williams (Public Sector Consultants)
      • House Education Committee
      • Senate Education Committee

Thursday, September 25

Friday, September 26

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