GLEP: Matt Koleszar Doesn’t Care About Your Kids

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Democratic Lawmaker Proposes Bizarre Crackdown on Homeschool Parents after Former Health and Human Services Children’s Advocate Charged with Child Abuse 

LANSING – Great Lakes Education Project Executive Director Beth DeShone today backed parents across the state after they came under attack by Democratic state Representative Matt Koleszar, who Tuesday bizarrely tweeted his intention to make it more difficult for parents to educate their children at home because a former state employee was charged with child abuse.

“Matt Koleszar doesn’t care about your kids,” said DeShone. “It takes a gaping lack of integrity to attack, malign, and target law-abiding parents who educate their children at home because a state employee whose job it was to help protect kids from abuse gets caught and prosecuted for abusing them.

“Every child should be safe from abuse and neglect. If Matt Koleszar was for a single moment serious about helping kids, he’d demand answers from the Whitmer administration about it’s repeated failure to properly monitor and oversee children placed by the state in homes like those of the monsters charged in this crime.”

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